Learning about cloud computing is not only advantageous, but may also become necessary down the line for system administrators and developers. While PSM certification can help you pass the AWS Developer Associate Exam and make you truly understand how it all works, here are a few pointers to get you acquainted with the importance of learning cloud computing in general.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile devices are now a part of everything, including the office and that’s precisely the reason as to why cloud computing is being adopted by development teams. It is the perfect technology for delivering services which can be accessed and utilized even from a mobile platform such as the Google Android OS or the Apple iOS. More software developers need to learn how to make apps that can be stored on the cloud, ready to be accessed by any device from anywhere on demand.

System Administrators Must Learn Cloud Computing

The job of the System Administrator is about to go through quite a few upgrades in the coming years and learning cloud computing is a big part of that upgrade. In addition to having a good grasp on Windows Servers and Linux, System Administrators will need to know coding, infrastructure management and everything in-between. Dealing with APIs and basic coding is part of the daily hassles of a system administrator working with cloud computing platforms such as Amazon Web Services or Google Compute Engine, even today.

It’s Not Just the IT Sector

It may seem like knowledge about cloud computing is only useful for those with a career in the IT field, but it is not quite so. Executive positions responsible for decision making can also benefit from learning at least the basics of how cloud computing works with the company infrastructure. Otherwise it would be difficult, if not impossible to make the right calls, especially in the future. It doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone will need to become software developers; it just means that a primary acquaintance with the concept of cloud computing is essential for smooth and effective functioning within the corporate structure.

New Jobs and Careers

A course in cloud tech may open the door to a number of jobs for anyone as the technology is still settling in and there aren’t enough professionals out there to fill in all the posts in this sector that companies both big and large are opening up now. Development and Operations (DevOps) is the department most in need of cloud experts and as soon as you pass the PSM training, work opportunities should be plenty in the field.

Getting the certification from Amazon will mean that you will need to learn all that there is to learn about DynamoDB, DB, EC2, S3, IAM, VPC, Route 53, CLI, SDK, Lambda, Kinesis and much more. Although the exam itself is not easy to crack, someone with an IT background, a bit of experience and a decent knowledge in coding should be able to get an Associate Certification without too much of a problem, given that he/she has prepared adequately.