Netflix’s second original series House Of Cards which is based on a novel by Michael Dobbs and stars Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright and Kate Mara is doing great for Netflix.  Netflix took a big gamble spending over 100,000,000 dollars to buy the series and make it a Netflix original series.  Netflix has often times said to be a major player with HBO, Cinemax and Starz they needed original content.

86% Of Netflix Users Say ‘House of Cards’ makes them less likely to cancel their subscription.  Numbers have shown 36% percent called the series “exceptional,” while 43% deemed it “good.” Moreover 1 in every 10 users has watched an episode making House Of Cards the most watched show on Netflix.

Unlike a traditional network, Netflix released all 13 episodes of House of Cards’ first season at once, so customers can stream them on their own schedule. With DVR usages becoming more and more prevalent Netflix though this was a good move, and it has been data has shown many people are doing marathon watching of this show.

Many people including myself enjoy the technology references to blogging, paper print dying, and Twitter.  The show is wonderful and I have enjoyed the few episodes I have watched all we can hope for is a season two.