Guest blogging is no doubt one of the best ways to generate traffic to your site, and it also allows you to establish a good rapport with other bloggers in your niche. Many blogs accept guest posts because the posts ensure their website content is fresh and current- this is the beauty of creating guest posts. The following are five tips for effective guest blogging.

Connect Before Pitching

Pitching is very important when it comes to guest blogging; hence, getting it right is a must if you are to open the avenues for incredible opportunities. You risk looking like a spammer if you don’t pitch rightly. A good pitch should begin even before drafting an email. You can attract the attention of the blog owner simply by sharing his blog posts on social media and commenting on them. Be sure that your comments add value to the posts: don’t just write fluffy stuff for the sake of announcing your presence there. Good comments will demonstrate to the blog owner your knowledge about the topics and your passion for blogging before you can pitch.

Write Killer Posts

It is needless to mention that you need to be in your “A” game when it comes to guest blogging. Remember, you are writing to an audience that does not know you. If your content wows readers, chances are that they will want to find out more about you. This way, you will attract traffic to your own site. Among other features, a good post should include:

• Credible sources
• Correct format
• Proper grammar, style, tone, and diction
• Relevant information

Choose the Right Blogs

Not every blog is appropriate for your post no matter how good the post is. Your post must appear before the right audience: what you’re talking about in the post should resonate with the audience. Talking to the right audience makes it possible to get future readers on your site.

Track Your Progress

Guest blogging is like a marketing campaign. You need to track the results of your posts to determine the best sites to contribute to. You can track the results by looking at social media shares, leads, and traffic that your guest posts generate.

Respond to Readers’ Comments

If readers take their quality time to comment on your post, it is good to reply even if it means just thanking them. This keeps the discussion going as you learn from them and build a rapport with them. You should respond to comments even if the blog owner does not.

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