GitHub is coming to mobile devices. Github who was purchased by Microsoft in October of 2018 announced today at its annual GitHub Universe conference that they are embracing mobile with a new mobile app. GitHub has long provided APIs that allowed third-party developers to create mobile apps for GitHub, but to date, we have never had an official app from the company itself.

GitHub’s new mobile app will allow users on iOS to browse their repositories, access GitHub community resources, view notifications, view code and review/merge pull requests. The app features dark mode and support for tablets like iPads. GitHub is first testing the new app with iOS users as part of a beta, and it’s “coming soon” for Android you can join the waitlist here.

Github said on their blog

GitHub for mobile gives you the flexibility to move work forward and stay in touch with your team, wherever you are. There’s a lot you can do on GitHub that doesn’t require a complex development environment, like sharing feedback on a design discussion and reviewing a few lines of code. Now we are making these tasks easy for you to perform, no matter where you work, with a beautifully native experience.

This is pretty big for GitHub as they are embracing the cloud and mobile like their parent company Microsoft.