Technology is rolling like craziness. So, it is spreading all over the world by leaps and bounds. There are many centers all around the world that are busy modifying their existing technologies and also finding newer ways to make them even more innovative. In the fast running world, people are somewhere busy thinking about how to bring changes so that they can truly compete with their competitors with their boosted technologies. So, today the discussion shall be about one such state.


Fiber optics is the science that deals with the transmission of data, voice, images which are done by the passage of the light through the thin and the transparent material which allows the light to pass. In the field of telecommunications, the fiber optics finds the purpose of replacing the copper wires which were used in the long-distance telephone lines and also has provided a link to the computers which are operated in the local area networks.

In the modern days, the material that is used in the fiber optics is especially very thin materials or glass. The diameter of such an optic is usually about 125 micrometers. These days such an innovation is finding popularity because they are easy to use, can be used for the long-distance communications and are also free from dissipation.



Chattanooga was once a quite simple city, but with the moving days it has proved to be a large technology hub and is out beating many other places. One of the most incredible thing about this place was the introduction of the fiber-optic which had a capability of delivering on the internet with speed of 1 gigabyte per second to each and every resident.

It was unbelievable that a city can be so a developed to do things of this caliberthat it creates its own fiber optic.

The city has become so much famous for the use of the fiber optic technology that it is being righteously called as the Gig City. There is a festival celebrated in Chattanooga every year which is focussed to actually praise the city’s fiber optics whose speed has now increased to about 10 gigabytes per second.

This is just about a single technology boom. But in actuality, the number of innovations in the field of technology at Chattanooga is endless.


The introduction of such high-speed internet facility is highly praised in Chattanooga. But, at the same time, it has been seen that all the residents do not have the same speed of this technology. But this has proved to be a very fast, reliable component.

As soon as the fiber optics was introduced in this city, it has seen the growth of the startup accelerators and also some capital funds. One such example is the Dynamo which had begun some years ago in the form of a startup based on logistics. The second one in this field was the jump Fund which was also in the form of a startup that was led by the female society.

It is a well-known fact that the startup businesses can be a great one for bringing profits and also improving the scopes of the jobs. In a similar manner, the fiber optics had found the ways for the jobs in the form of the start-up businesses for many people of the society.

Later there had been a launch of a number of other technologies that could work as the improvement of the entertainment, businesses as well as the infrastructure in Chattanooga city. These could find ways to create opportunities for the gig, technology fields and the never to forget entrepreneurship schemes. The city has always focussed on innovating the ways by which the gig could improve in the city.



This could be possible by introducing ways to improve the different private and the public sectors of the city. One of such centers is the Enterprise Centre which had its focus on cleaning the environment and also bringing new innovations like the high-speed railway system to the town. Later, it had also worked out in discovering ways to improve the internet of the city.

Its main focus presently is the building of the City’s most innovative district especially those positions which is the biggest hubs of the technology. It also allows scopes to attract the researchers in order to use the smart grid technology of the city and also the fast gigabytes internet speed. This will allow for bringing more innovative ideas. not only these, the city is also managing to give courses in education and also some of the cheap priced laptops especially for the residents who do not have much income. This equality had been focussed as an utmost need so that all the people of the city could work together well to bring newer changes



Researchers have found this approach to be resourceful one. Previously the Enterprise center facilitated the partnerships methods between two organizations. One was the University Of South California and the other was the STEM magnet school in Chattanooga. The newest trendy technology that was seen here was that the students could operate a microscope that was remote controlled.

One of the major challengesthatwere faced by Chattanooga was in the form of thefibre optic network that no more is unique. Therehave been more than about 110 communities that have offered similar networks with at least 1 gigabit. So, this has become so challenging, that Chattanoogais trying its best to keep up the pace with the newer competitors

The size of the city is a factor that proved to be a threat. The first mover in the field of fibre optic was Chattanooga and so it is a matter of great reputation for the city which acts as a space for the flourishing entrepreneurs who had also opened up technologies like the pop-uptechnology focussed kitchen services with the help of a 3D foodprinter. The place has become a great one to test out all the newer ideas.