Facebook has now rolled out its “Watch” video feature, which can also be accessed through Facebook’s new Show Pages option. This feature is coming to the US after its three-week beta run.

It is primarily designed as a guide to episoded shows hosted on the social platform. It will let users discover videos from outside their feed, and they can manage Watch lists based on artists, brands and publishers. The feature is capable of stocking several shows, including reality and sports content of varying length.

The strategy is to bring more people in to spend even more time on the social network. The videos include those released by traditional media companies and individual digital creators, and the platform also encourages individuals to submit shows.

The Watch tab is on the main desktop navigation menu, and is under the News Feed and Messenger buttons. On mobile it is much simpler – it is at the bottom of the navigation bar, and the user can launch it with a single click. It is also available on several connected TV platforms – Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV and Samsung Smart TV.


Original content seems to be the business to get in between Apple, Facebook, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube everyone offering it now. You can never say there nothing to watch anymore.