Advances in technology are opening businesses up to endless possibilities. It’s never been easier for teams to share, connect and collaborate from all over the world, with video conferencing, digital whiteboarding and virtual workspace solutions allowing them to work together everywhere. Unfortunately, that same technology is often incredibly confusing and difficult to set up.

Additionally, every organisation is different, meaning that they all have different technological requirements. Instead of simply investing in the latest innovations, businesses should bring in products which are simple to use and tailored to their needs, while also opting for a renowned and reputable provider.

For many organisations, the range of Cisco meeting solutions ticks all the right boxes. Whether you’re delivering online training or keeping remote teams better together, Cisco makes it easier for everyone to work together. After all, this is technology that puts collaboration first.

Simple User Interface

Meetings are often hampered by technological issues. Whether attendees struggle to join sessions or hosts find it difficult to set things up, such frustrating problems will inevitably impact productivity and turn your meetings into an enormous waste of time.

Cisco meeting solutions aim to simplify the entire process, delivering a simple and intuitive user interface which helps attendees join meetings through the touch of a button. Integrating seamlessly with your favourite applications (such as Office 365 or Salesforce), Cisco delivers a familiar interface which is incredibly easy for meeting hosts and attendees to use across multiple devices.

Incidentally, the range of Cisco Webex Devices is designed to help teams communicate clearly and conveniently, minimising the risk of interruption and inspiring attendees to collaborate. From the innovative WebEx Board to the flexible WebEx Room devices, Cisco provides solutions which are engineered to improve the teamwork experience and suit meeting spaces of all sizes.

More importantly, they’re easy to set up, easy to use and allow teams to concentrate on working together.

Work Together Everywhere

There’s no denying that the way we work has changed dramatically in recent times. The rise of remote and flexible working has coincided with impressive technological advancements, and Cisco has been at the very heart of these innovations. Through their WebEx Meetings solution, for example, they make it easier for teams to work together from different spaces and places.

This video conferencing software works smoothly across a range of devices, allowing employees to join meetings and collaborate from a place that best suits them. Completely eradicating the need for unproductive travel times and expensive overnight stays, this solution allows remote teams to collaborate more often and efficiently, without losing that invaluable face-to-face interaction.

Boasting HD video and broadcast-quality audio, WebEx Meetings is just as clear and simple as hosting a meeting in person. Except this time, you only need to click a button to participate.

Seamlessly Share Files and Information

Meeting attendees will inevitably feel more engaged when they’re actively contributing and becoming truly involved with the discussion. Instead of simply listening to the main speaker and feeling as though they’re wasting their time, the modern worker prefers meetings which include activities and brainstorming sessions.

Cisco meeting solutions provide a much more interactive meeting experience, with WebEx Teams offering file sharing, instant messaging, screen sharing and virtual workspace capabilities. In addition to helping teams build better relationships and improve the quality of their results, such a convenient platform allows every meeting to be built around team collaboration.

Time in meeting sessions can now be spent much more productively, with attendees able to keep pushing projects forward, share ideas and ultimately enjoy the best meeting experience possible.


Through the combination of Cisco Webex Teams, Meetings and Devices, your business can develop a culture which truly fosters collaboration and creativity. These meeting solutions combine the physical and virtual workplace, making it easier than ever for teams and clients to work together effectively – no matter where they’re based.

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