Did you know that the world’s first drone was invented in the early 19th century? According to DroneThusiast the earliest unmanned aerial vehicle in the history of drones was seen in 1839, when Austrian soldiers attacked the city of Venice with unmanned balloons filled with explosives. It’s amazing, to think how the drones had evolved from a vehicle used in the battlefield to the now revolutionary device that is commonly used to capturing speeches by politicians, documenting natural disasters, and even capturing world events.

Drones gave us the ability to capture things on air, it gave us the ability to experience what’s it like to fly. Children all over the world witnessing planes getting inspired on becoming a pilot, now have the opportunity to experience the same thing for a much lower price.

With so many drones out there offering almost the same features and performance as others. One often wonders, how do you know which one to choose?

One of these is a cut above the rest. This sensational vehicle is called Drone X Pro.

What is Drone X Pro?

There is a new drone in town that’s been making waves. It takes great photos far in the sky. It’s light enough for you to bring it anywhere, very simple to use and can be set up in 30 seconds.

DroneX Pro is manufactured by a brand that has earned a long-term standing reputation when it comes to the production of drones. DroneX is well-known for producing high-quality products. DroneX Pro is a much better model than its predecessor Drone X, having amazing features that will leave you in awe. With a 12mp camera and a power button used to activate its amazing features. It can travel almost 19 meters per second. It’s surely a beast in the world of drones.


  • DroneX Pro has an in-built sensor that overturns other commands in cases of a collision of the gadget with objects.
  • Contains two-joystick remote control.
  • It’s really stable when in the air.
  • DroneX Pro can fly high and in any direction
  • It has an auto-power button for take-off and landing.
  • The DroneX Pro virtual reality mode.
  • The connectivity features of the DroneX Pro are top-notch. They include the following:
  • The DroneX Pro has a remote control that is not attached to the Drone or any other device.
  • It’s wireless and has connectivity of 2.4GHz.
  • It has wifi that makes connecting to radio mode much more straightforward.
  • Many drones use Camera Gimbal to enhance better functionality.
  • DroneX Pro does not require any extra gimbal.
  • It has a control distance of 80M and FPV distance of 50m.
  • Drone X Pro Battery Features
  • Durable battery life.
  • When fully charged, the battery lasts for an hour.
  • The battery is 3.7V and 500mAH.
  • Measuring at 22g in weight.
  • In high flights, the battery lasts up to 12 minutes.
  • Battery size is 7 x 2 x 1.8cm.

drone new number 2


In this bold era of technology, Drone X Pro is surely leading the way when it comes to building efficient drone tech. I’ve seen a lot of drones before, but I’ve never seen a drone as good and as inexpensive as this one. I definitely recommend this to all enthusiasts and pros out there. This is a steal for its price.

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