When your business has a WordPress website, it’s really easy to convert it to an Android app, thanks to plugins available today, that will do the trick.

Some of these plugins are free while others require you to invest some money to get access to all their features.

Here goes…


Mobiloud is a service that allows you to create Android apps with ease and have a code built to standards.

As with other services mentioned here, you can easily customize your app with your WordPress management panel.

Some of the most interesting features include WordPress, Disqus and Facebook comments, support for multiple user accounts, offline access to your data and category preferences for your push notifications.

You can also integrate custom HTML5 and JavaScript in your posts which are especially important if you’re constantly adding videos and other media content to your posts.


Worona is getting more popular at assisting in the conversion of your WordPress website continently and quickly.

The key feature of the plugin is that, unlike many other plugins, it allows your users to read your posts and go through your pages even when it is currently offline. A definite +1 from me.

This app isn’t free to use so it has different packages to choose from.

Besides, you can choose the set of features you would like your app to have and pay for them, so you won’t be paying for something that won’t be used.

They also have the push notification feature to keep your subscribers up to date by sending notifications about new posts and other updates.


AppPresser is arguably the most popular of all WordPress converter plugins that has been around for a while.

It is designed for both the developers and those who don’t know much about mobile app development.

If you’re looking for a seamless way to create an Android app, this is one of the fastest solutions that allow you to get everything up and running in less than 30 minutes.

Moreover, it allows you to access your WordPress management panel and your plugins from within your app. (It doesn’t limit you to creating a front-end mobile site only.)

AppPresser isn’t a free app, and it has bundles to suit different needs.

Whether you’re looking for a mobile eCommerce site, a simple site, an app for social networking, or something more complex, this plugin has a solution for you.


IdeaPress is one of the leading converters to Android apps.

It has been on the market for years and they have developed a simple and quick way to convert WordPress websites.

Using this plugin will let you publish your app directly on Google Play. All you need to start your own Android app in no time is to download the plugin and install it.

When it’s done, you will get information for the conversion and instructions on how to publish the app. You will receive tips on the screen, stepwise.

You don’t need to know codes to manage your app, and the contents of your website will be transferred directly from the plugin for making the app.


MobApper is a plugin that will help to convert your WordPress website into an Android app.

It features a responsive and user-friendly interface that makes conversion easy for those who don’t know anything about coding.

With this plugin, you can access your pages when you’re offline.

You will have a full authority of your mobile app; you can alter or add information or post for your users just like you do on your WordPress website.


WordApp allows you to use your app design as the version of your website and this one is free.

You can toggle this off if you want to use your responsive design, but designs that WordApp has to offer are arguably more attractive than most WordPress websites.

The key feature of this tool is that you can preview what your app will look like. It is not a 100% real-time preview because you have to save your work to see the changes, but it’s pretty helpful.

With many other plugins, you have to select all the options you need and then guess how everything will look on the front-end. With WordApp, there is no guesswork.


WPtouch offers the latest features and the latest themes when it comes to conversion of your WordPress website.

It’s important to mention the ad management feature of WPtouch. Whether you’re using Adsence or other ad networks, you can show ads on mobile devices by adding your credentials and choosing where the ads will be displayed.

It comes with online documentation and function references. If you have a question, chances are it’s already answered and you can easily find it.

It has plenty of customizable features and the user-friendly interface with tutorials that make it useful for first-timers and those who want to set up an Android app quickly.


WiziApp offers customizable designs and enhanced themes to help you personalize your app.

Just like other services in this list, it starts creating your own app as soon as you install the plugin onto your device.

The main feature is reports that are collected for you from your website.

As a result, you can analyze your performance and make sure there is no false information on your mobile app.

By using controllers, you can allow your readers to view and post comments, save your posts to their ‘favorites’ list, change font size and go through posts quickly. Besides, you can share your posts on social media with one click.

All your audio and video files will be stored in different libraries, where your users can conveniently browse.


As you can see, there are plenty of plugins you can build your own WordPress Android App with.

Every service has attractive features so go through all of them and choose which one suits you the most.

Tell us which one you liked best and why in the comments section below…

Author’s Bio:

Jinghong “Pika” Chiu is a resident instructor for SEO at Derek Gehl’s Ignited Academy on ProjectIgnite.com and lives in Singapore. He is a specialist on new site launches, SEO and outsourcing.