I generally don’t read self-help books, but I picked this up because I am a fan of Chris Hardwick but I like the Talking Dead Show and I have listened to his podcast a few times. Chris Hardwick, who some may recognize as being one of the hosts of MTV’s Singled Out way back in the 90s and most recently Talking Dead Every week on AMC.

Chris Hardwick spent much of his 20s partying, drinking, and generally ruining his life. He ended up regaining his life after he quit drinking in 2003 and started trying to improve his life. Now he has multiple projects on the go, including a successful podcast, a new podcast network, and several TV gigs.

The secrets to Hardwick’s success aren’t anything new. Basically, he was able to harness his innate nature his nerdiness, so to speak and use it to his advantage. And that’s what this book is about. He talks about nerds having the highest level of focus and how to channel it to their advantage.

The book provides useful information on how to analyze your current habits and how to improve on them so you can live to your full potential. Chris Hardwick uses visualization tricks to help overcome the times when your brain can’t stop thinking about something and reclaiming a few hours of your life every week. Also the personal character sheet is fun art projects.

Chris Hardwick book takes you through his ups and downs and came out the other side wanting to share how he grew as a person. He gives you tips and tricks based on his life how to improve yours. For a self-help book I would give it 5 stars.