We all want to give gifts that we can cherish. But we would rarely want gifts that just lie around the house and are not very useful. Since the world is becoming quite tech-savvy, here is a list of things we think you could buy online for your loved ones this holiday season:

Anki Cozmo Robot

The Anki Cozmo is an absolutely adorable little robot! Powered by sophisticated artificial intelligence and backed by a strong personality, this robot could become your child’s best friend. Not only is he kid-friendly and self-aware, he readily expresses his feelings and is always up for a game. With his capability of recognising his owner, you needn’t worry about him running away with someone else.

Virtual Reality

This is an ideal gift for the ones who love to watch the idiot box a lot. Those who love to indulge in the Game of Thrones and Sherlock series, can now do it with much more clarity and with a tinge of reality added to it!

Dance Dance Revolution/Dancing Stage

We all have those friends who’ve got the grooves and are the live wires of a party. This dance stage is going to be their favourite pastime. Now enjoy your workout sessions or dance sessions with a lot of good music.


There are people who get up at 5 o’clock in the morning just to work out and sweat it out. It’s a little difficult to get a gift for them because you know they won’t eat anything that might increase their calorie intake! For these fitness freaks, we have the Fitbit. It’s one of the most satisfying purchases for a fitness enthusiast – handy and stylish, yet very useful.

HOVER X Hoverboard

HOVER-X It’s one of those cool gadgets that is super-useful! It can be used by kids, teenagers as well as adults. Designed with the amazing User Position Sensing technology and combined with an intelligent control system, balancing and turning on a hoverboard is something you will fall in love with. The HOVER-X range of 2016 offers products like the Urban, F-1 and the Graffiti, which are packed to provide a fantastic performance. Additionally, it is very safe and has been certified by the latest and strictest European safety standards.

Treat yourself/your friends with a hoverboard, and watch them go back to their childhood. It can be very helpful when it comes to everyday activities, too. And yes, its one of the toys any adult would love to have!

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