So one of the things I have noticed since using my Google Pixel 2 is Audible on Android is very much different than the Audible App on iOS. To start I can actually purchase books through the app which is something you cannot do and probably will never be able to do in Apple’s ecosystem.

The next thing I noticed was that there are more buttons on Android that you do not have on iOS. The Apple interface has the same forward and backward 30 seconds buttons, speed changing button, and volume buttons. Android adds forward and backward rewind buttons which are a nice touch which Audible on iOS does not include. Audible on Android adds one feature I like adding buttons to go back and forth between chapters which Audible on iOS does not have on their interface. Both apps include the table of contents chapter selection button which can be used but I find buttons more a convenient addition when switching between chapters.

The one thing I really do not like is that Audible on Android does not have is a volume button right on the main interface which Audible on iOS has and is very handy, I think the Android interface could really benefit from that addition. The Audible on iOS interface includes on the main screen the sleep timer button which Audible for Android has but it’s an extra click on the menu button. The same thing goes for the share button which the Apple version of the app has on the main screen but on Android it’s an extra click to share which is not a big deal but again it’s an extra click, the same thing applies to the share a clip feature.

Both the Android and iOS interfaces are different in the color scheme. Android comes with a standard dark them and the iOS App comes with a standard light them. Both apps worked great and both offer the same features for the most part I find it interesting how both apps are laid out way differently due to the different platforms. I do want to point out that even on Android Audible does not support Chromecast support unless you cast the entire screen to Chromecast. Both apps worked great and Audible is great service for listening to books I love the service.

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