U.S. company Apple and its Asian suppliers are testing enhanced screens for smartphones and tablets iPhone iPad, according to the publication The Wall Street Journal. The company decided to take this experiment because of the high competition in the mobile market.

A few months ago, Apple has ordered screen prototypes for a smartphone and a tablet from Asian counterparties which are more than 4 and less than 14 inches in diagonal, respectively, according to Asian suppliers of the company. It is clearly a more current screen size that Apple gadgets have nowadays: iPhone 5 has 4 inches diagonal, iPad – 9,7 inches, and iPad Mini – 7,9 inch.

It is unknown there will be gadgets with larger displays or not on the market: Apple regularly tests different designs of its products during development. Last year the corporation has already shown results of such experiments, releasing the iPhone 5 with enlarged display and a mini-version of the tablet iPad.

Experimenting with display sizes of their tablets and smartphones, Apple is searching for recourses to answer the different needs of customers.

The competition in the mobile market encourages the company to expand the proposal. Other producers, including the South Korean company Samsung, have been producing electronic gadgets of all sizes for a long time. In particular, smartphones with screen sizes of more than 5 inches or phablets , which are hybrids smartphone and tablet , are the most popular between users today. One of the most popular gadgets of this format is the smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note, the latest version of a diagonal of 5.3 inches.

Because of this strategy, Samsung has managed to get ahead of Apple in the smartphone market. According to research firm Strategy Analytics, in the first quarter of 2013, Samsung was the leading smartphone manufacturer with 33.1% in the market, while Apple’s part was 17.9%. At the same time, according to research analyst firm IDC, Apple remains the leader in the tablet market, but recently the company began to lose ground in this segment and last year its part fell from 58.1% to 39.6%.

Today the era of tablets has come, and it requires the emergence of user-friendly devices for any industry, as the representative retailer Re: Store Lyudmila Semushina believes. “If we assume that in the long term outlook, the plates will supersede the usual devices for Internet surfing and working, a great device with a screen diagonal will be essential”, – she said.

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