Talking about our transition from floppy disks to USB flash drives, all the aspects related to data saving and sharing have witnessed a great change over the past. The power of technology is that we can save heavy files in pocket size devices and carry data along during off-site business ventures.

Cloud has sown seeds of its future domination with its constant innovations and modifications that ultimately drive us crazy to explore it more. Whether you are enjoying social media platforms or busy to conduct business operations, cloud chases you everywhere. The role of cloud in making business processes automated is much sought after as you get flexibility and scalability under one roof.

Cloud is the gateway where you connect million of users with your brand along with upfront dealing in a controlled environment. It cuts down your IT costs as you save your pocket by minimizing the use of hardware. Cloud doesn’t charge much but in return rewards you with accurate resources which can help to bring your ideas to life. As cloud has grabbed important position in IT enterprise, users are showing interest in Devops certification to certify their skills in cloud computing.

In this post, you will learn about the another version of cloud benefits that you won’t have read it before.  

Cost Savings: Everyone wants immediate hands-on technology but the situation becomes dicey when the issue of cash flow crops up. The web is loaded with hymns of cloud and why not, it has proven significance. Perhaps, the one that convinces to learn about it more is cost-cutting.

Irrespective of size and nature of businesses, entrepreneurs share a common thought of earning more with minimal spendings on software, infrastructure and equipment.

Cloud does not require any applications to run and zero server storage cost together make it less capital intensive to use. You don’t need to place infrastructure in your premises without any administration set ups thus lessen operational costs.  The myth of its utility and affordability for large businesses only exists no more.

Highly Automated: Updating software along with successive deployment to stay consistent with an uninterrupted flow has become a pain for enterprises. This gives birth to another good reason for growing demand of cloud as it takes your pain away of recurring costs.

Service providers take the responsibility of timely software updating and guide you to make relevant changes. As users get updates, they stay active all the time without losing service and money.  If an action is pending at user’s end to make necessary changes regarding format and upgradation, service providers ping you till the time till you get into action.


The service providers are all inclusive and provide round the clock service as you get the subscription. Cloud gives you on demand network access to the pool of configurable devices without miring you in any legal formalities. For example, Google Docs doesn’t make you wait to get any license for word processing and no fee for upgradations. Cloud plays the role of antivirus in laptops by providing strong backup to files you create. As cloud is owned and managed by third party, you can continue work hassle free without any management issues.

Control on Documents:

The documents become critical when it involves more employees and drag mind towards their security. The time has gone when workers deliver files back and forth with multiple attachments on which one user could work at a time. With so many files to scrutinize and send, unmanageable content and conflicting formats often became frustration for them.

As companies are treading on the road of globalization with more collaborations, the above blunders are likely to rise. According to a survey conducted by an official, “73% of knowledge workers collaborate globally in variant time zones and areas monthly.”

But as you shake hands with cloud, all data is stored at one place with access to selected people of organization and everyone sees the same version of it.  

Greater transparency streamlines work methodology, which becomes a reason for growth and a healthier foundation. If you are still sticking to old tactics, it may take time to trust and experience the better option but one thing is sure, you will relish the new version.

Tighten your security:

The users get a number of ways to online store data on hardware like profound data caching or quick solid-state drives. Cloud service providers understand your requirement of data storage and give you access to premium hardware especially configured for internet access.

The infrastructure and software needs vary from company to company, a tech armed third-party service provider can introduce you to better options for faster data access as compare to local provider. This will work for both employees and customers. As sign ups verification can take place on the remote server which takes off load from local networks. Placing your business on the robust network means making things easier and flexible.

The cloud has broken the trend of installing software on different servers. The new models of laptops are not embedded with optical drives which have remained their part for quite a long time.  Many applications have selected cloud as their niche which render users to use programs on a browser.  

It gives real time experience as documents can be shared and edited by different individuals at the same time. The cloud has provided technologically advanced solutions which are hard to resist by any entrepreneur who seek constant growth by giving tough competition in market.