Things change as you get older. It was true at 5, 25, 55, and it’s going to be true at 75, 85, and beyond. You’ve planned for your retirement, but as you become an older senior, that plan may need to evolve. The changes can feel overwhelming, but if you take time to plan and prepare now, you can make it easier to adapt and create a thorough plan for meeting the challenges head-on.

Try New Technology

It’s never too late to learn new things. Learning how to use new technology now can make it easier to stay in touch with family and friends as you age. Technology has made it easier and more affordable than ever to talk to family and friends who live far away. With desktop apps like Skype, you can talk to family anywhere in the world for free.

Learning how to use new technology now can open up the world. Check out these FAQs for seniors trying new technology, especially communication technology that will make staying in touch with kids and grandkids easier than ever before.

Make a Plan for Downsizing

As you age, you may consider downsizing. Not only do you no longer need as much space as you did when you were raising a family, but as you age, you may want to live in a space without stairs or with a bathroom that’s more senior-friendly.

Downsizing can also infuse your retirement savings with a cash injection, but it pays to have a plan. Start by doing research into today’s real estate market and find out the true value of your home. For many people who bought homes decades ago, the type of amenities that attract higher prices have changed. If you’re lucky enough to own a home in a major, transit-oriented city, values may have appreciated wildly as these have come into much higher demand than they were decades ago.

Downsizing can also be emotional. Consider making a video tour of your home before you leave. Photos won’t necessarily capture the feeling of moving through a space you’ve come to love.

It can also help if you work with your real estate agent to make sure the house goes to a good family. Knowing your home will be a place where more good memories are made can make it easier to leave behind.

Talk to Your Family about a Care Plan

With aging may come the possibility that you will begin to need care. Moving into a retirement residence may make sense for many older seniors who expect to need some assistance, but otherwise want to continue to live independently, who simply want to be free of housework and cooking, or may need more involved care due to evolving conditions such as dementia.

When you come up with a future care plan, talk to your family and make your wishes known. Together, you can come up with a plan that makes financial sense and that meets your wishes. Today’s retirement residences offer flexible care that allows you to enjoy an independent lifestyle and add care as you need it.

Make your plan for becoming an older senior now and enjoy your golden years.