Adblock Plus Review

Today the internet is all about companies making revenue and why not the internet is something that everyone has and needs on a daily basis. The internet started out as a tool for IT people to share information, but now it’s a money making machine for companies.

Companies have built entire businesses on selling ads, companies like Google and Facebook. Newspapers and magazines have evolved off of paper print advertising and started selling ads on their websites for a cost. But sometimes too many ads can ruin the entire reading experience that’s why Adblock Plus was designed and developed.


AdBlock Plus was developed by Eyeo GmbH and has extensions for almost all browsers

  • Mozilla Firefox (including Firefox for mobile)
  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Edge (beta version)
  • Opera
  • Safari
  • Yandex Browser
  • Android
  • iPhone

Adblock plus does a great job of blocking ads on websites on personal computers and devices. Adblock Plus recently developed a deploy able version of there software for enterprise solutions in businesses. I like how Adblock Plus has a white list feature for sites giving you issues and I extremely like how it searches the site for malware to keep your devices safe. Lots of ads on the internet have malicious code that can cause harm to your browser or device by installing viruses and malware. I enjoy looking through the settings to see Adblock allows you to add your own filters not just the ones provided by Adblock Plus for the more tech savvy users.


There are a few downsides to the extension, sites and advertisers can pay go by the blocking software. This feature of paying for your ad to be displayed was added to help support sites that need ad revenue to survive and Adblock Plus has strict set of rules they make there advertisers work with to be displayed.

The other downside is sites like Forbes blocks users from browsing there site if you have an Adblock program running regardless if it’s Adblock Plus or another adblock software. You must disable the software before you are allowed to view the content on the site.

Adblock Plus is great extension I am very happy to see it on so many platforms.  I think it helps make browsing safer and easier to read. I think this software is a must on any machine browsing the web today.