Technology advancements are one of the best things that ever happened to everyone and this includes music producers and composers too. Technology has allowed them to play around with raw music samples and eventually turn them into awesome worthwhile sounds that we all love. If you are a music producer or someone who loves unique music sounds and uses windows pc or computer and can’t access GarageBand, we got you covered. GarageBand is an application that you can download online and install it on your iOSdevice. It allows you to create your music as uniquely as you can think. It is one of the most used apps as it is known for its best features that exposes users to a number of options when creating their music. If you want to know more then check here.

Music production market is changing over time and people demand for new and evolving types of music. Having this in mind music producers ought to look for ways of improving their music and producing fulfilling sounds to their audience. Great news for windows users there are other all rounded apps with all of the above and more ways of achieving your music goals. These alternatives have different features that you can choose from. This article highlights some of the 6 GarageBand alternatives that you can use for music production on your windows device. This does not mean that the listed are the only alternatives as the list is endless.


If you are a person who has limited supply of internet and has been looking for an online option of making your music, audiotool is your solution. This is an online software that is known for its ability to save your music samples as you keep editing and presenting. It functions perfectly with fast internet and saves your work on your drive so there is absolutely no need of downloading it to your windows deice. It also allows you to upload your finished work directly to YouTube or any other social media platform that you may wish to. Audiotool works even more better when combined with other software that have more advanced and diverse features to make your music better. Ithas a mixing feature that allows you to create a mix of all your favorite songs and access them anytime. Audio filter is a feature that audiotool has advanced in. This feature allows you to change the tone of the audio in question as you prefer. If you are a new user and wondering how to go about this tool, recorded tutorials of what you need to know is available online and you can follow it.


This is also an online music app that allows you to make music anytime. The advantage of this app is that it is free and the user has unlimited access to it. Its unique tools lets you record, edit and add as many filters and save your work online or on your windows device. If you are a person whose main concern in music is the sound of songs then this is what you need to use. Soundation studio has a variety of tools that allows you to adjust the sounds of your music and make them perfect when listened to. It makes the sounds of the music clear and gives you the chance to listen to the created sounds as you keep working. This enables room for change of mind on a certain sound and immediate access to the editing option. It also has paid accounts that offer even more advanced options that you may need to explore.


If you are a live performer artist which interests in song writing and song composition then Ableton live was meant for you. If you desire to make your own music with your own carefully thought sounds then this is the app.It has great live editing options that allow you to perfect your music. It has upgraded versions with better and advanced options to choose from. Not to mention its color customization option that makes your music outlook attractive and better during performances.

  1. LMMS

This is a digital workspace that is freely created by musicians for use in music composition. It is free and aids in sharpening your skills in mixing and creation of unique sounds and audio effects. It has a number of musical instruments that you can choose from and use.


This music application is available and compatible with windows computers, mobile phones and android devices. It is free and this is an advantage as you can access it at zero costs. It can be used to advance your created tracks in less time. It is considered as one of the best alternative of GarageBand for its features which are easy to use. The different styles that it has allows you to use them monthly for free. If you are a lover of Hip-Hop, House, Techno or even Metal then your music genre is covered. Other than the mentioned four genres which are the most common, musicmaker jam has a variety of other music styles listed for remixing your tracks. This software will make your music experience fun as well as equipping you with the necessary knowledge needed in unique music creation and production.


Although this software requires you to pay some fee to use. It offers a free trial and has its ideas on how you can build your music career.

If you love mash ups or have interests in creating your own mashups then look no further. Stagelight gives you an opportunity to test variety of music clips and identifies for those that mash up well. Mashups are slowly becoming the new types of music as it breaks the monotony of listening to one song over a single tune. Stagelight software has an option of recording audios as they are playing from another device and allows you to mash it up with any other audio that you have. It requires little to no experience as everything is well placed and easily understood.This is a tool you can use to entertain your friends and family.

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