If you’re a newbie and visiting a web hosting site for the first time you are sure to face some problems. Don’t worry; we have you covered, here are some of the common issues that are often encountered by people when they access a web hosting site for the first time and how to solve them

  • Can’t log in

The first issue that is often faced by a significant number of people is that they can not log in to their account. How to log in is easy as a pea, all you have to do is check your email for a mail from your host, and in it, you can find clear instructions s to what your id is, and other details that you might need along the way. So no need to panic, you’ve come this far all you have to do now is log in, and you’re through.

  • Unable to load

Another problem that most people face is that even after they have uploaded their site or make the changes that they wanted when the load the page says  “coming soon” or ” unable to load .retry.” This mostly occurs due to the reason that sometimes the web hosting site is a bit confusing, and you end up uploading it to the wrong place. The simple solution to this problem is rechecking the email for the proper uploading place and clear the system cache to get rid of the problem.

  • How to know if the offer is in-genuine?

Well, the main problem that arises is that people often get confused because some sites offer free hosting services while others do not. The contrast in the pay structure often makes it hard to decide . while is apparent that just because something is free doesn’t mean you should have it, more than  8 out of 10 times the site will be getting something from it too. That is for you to decide if you want to give them space for advertisements or anything they want. A paid plan is better because you are at an advantage, you will have a clear idea of what you have access to and what the company will be getting in return.

  • What to do if my site is down?

Another common issue that arises is that when one makes some changes in the website that can lead to their site going down. Mainly it occurs because the hosting site has some technical difficulties due to which they might be down and the best way to resolve this issue to call the site and confirm the problem. if that does not work out, you can check their social media or any online  platform they have provided

  • Security concerns

Another thing that you should keep in mind is that your data is valuable and protecting it is your responsibilities the free hosting site often offer zero security and even if they do give you some protection it usually isn’t reliable. You should conduct in-depth research before you hand over your data to any hosting site. Hostiserver.com is a recommended site that keeps your interest at heart and provides you with the best services.

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