Since its 2007 launch, Dropbox has become the main file-syncing and cloud storage device on the market and the favorite tool of numerous companies. Using it has allowed many start-up firms across the globe to thrive, expand or simply exist.

When people ask for a clear example of the advancement of computer technology in the last few years, besides the obvious examples, I would also point to Dropbox. To present my case, here are five great things about Dropbox.

1.    Simplicity

Dropbox became dominant in the domain of file-sharing so quickly due to its simplicity. As IT literacy is becoming the new basic alphabet of the modern world, most people feel lost in a maze of subroutines and code that simply makes no sense. When a simple yet incredibly useful service appears, it is therefore immediately valued.

Before Dropbox, syncing devices was rather complex and limited. With its drag-and-drop feature, it has made communication and coordination simpler and faster than ever before. Moreover, simplicity translates into an environment that is friendlier to the user and his immediate needs.

2.    Space

The prime commodity of online sharing is space. Before Dropbox and other similar services, we would have to watch for hours on end as files were being transmitted painfully slow. Larger files would have had to be broken up into smaller parts and sent individually, taking up an entire day and affecting the overall performance of the computer.

As a sign-up bonus, Dropbox freely gives you 2GB of space which you can fill with files of your choosing, from work-related spreadsheets to family pictures. However, more space can be added to your Dropbox account if you mention the service on social media platforms such as Twitter or through the friend referral system.

Moreover, thanks to the selective syncing option, Dropbox can even reduce the information load placed on your computer, storing fewer files directly on it. Everything else will stay safely placed in the cloud.

3.    Safety

Storing valuable or unique files online can even nowadays be a risky business. At the accidental press of a button or due to a forgotten password, they can be lost forever. Precious moments of your life can be gone due to surprisingly silly mistake. Just as the Verizon Cloud, Dropbox ensures you of the safety of your files thanks to its file recovery feature. As the service keeps all files – even deleted ones – for 30 days, you can easily get back your files.

Aside from data recovery, Dropbox includes the option of a two-step verification whenever you log in. This means that along with the traditional password, a security code is also needed from your phone. Recoverable and well-guarded, your files are therefore doubly safe with Dropbox.

4.    Mobility

Large-scale, constant information sharing has recently morphed from an operation limited mainly to computers to a common feature of smartphones. Small and mobile but with more features and more storing capacity that I would have imagined just 10 years ago, our phones have evolved a great deal.


Compatible with both IOs and Android operating systems, Dropbox integrates well on your smartphone as well. For example, the service allows you to automatically upload photos and video captured with your phone, placing them safely in the cloud.

While largely dependent on the internet connection when on a mobile device, Dropbox also includes a favorites feature on its mobile apps. This downloads a file directly into your mobile device, allowing you to view it even when offline.

5.    Connectivity

Aside from simply transmitting files to one another, Dropbox users can work on the same file at the same time from different parts of the world through the file. The cloud storing device makes teamwork a lot easier to manage and coordinate, increasing the overall productivity and efficiency. Through real-time edits, commenting and requesting files, communication on a file-sharing device has never been easier.

Moreover, being integrated with Office Online, which allows you to freely edit your files online, without having to install the program, Dropbox is doubly as useful.


Dropbox is clearly a useful service. These five points serve as a reminder of how many features and uses an online tool can have. With the ease of use and its integration with numerous other platforms, apps and services, Dropbox is poised to remained a leader of information sharing.