As a business owner, you want to believe that your company is safe and that the physical space you occupy is going to remain intact and out of harm’s way. You don’t want unauthorized access to your premises, or theft of physical inventory or office equipment. You want to protect yourself and your employees from fires and other potential hazards.

In order to assist you in getting your space in top shape, here are four tech solutions to the biggest physical security risks businesses face today.

1. Burglar/Intruder Alarms

Break-ins are the most obvious physical security risk that businesses face today. No matter what kind of industry you are in, or whether you have an office, a store, or some other site for business operations, your space is susceptible to criminals wanting to take a piece of the pie.

If you don’t have a burglar or intruder alarm, then you are even more vulnerable to theft.

Having this kind of technology not only means that you will be alerted to any suspicious activity in and around your space; it can also work to deter criminals from attempting anything, as they will notice the alarms and look elsewhere to commit their crime.

Having an alarm system as well as CCTV protection is the most effective approach to discouraging and decreasing the likelihood of theft or other criminal activity.

2. CCTV Protection

Combined with burglar alarms, having CCTV protection on your premises helps to keep criminals at bay and catch those who make an attempt. It also aids you in observing your office or store’s productivity and increases the accountability of your staff, as workers are more prone to perform their tasks more efficiently and to a higher standard when they know they are being watched.

You know your space the best, so you can choose where to place the cameras to ensure that all vulnerable spots are monitored. Your CCTV cameras can be set up to watch the space continuously or can be switched on with motion detection technology to only record when movement is sensed. But, you should undoubtedly have hidden surveillance cameras.

While installing a CCTV system can seem costly at first, the long-term payoff is worth it — not to mention the peace of mind it will bring you.

3. Fire Alarms

Fires are a massive concern for all physical spaces. Every business should have high-quality fire alarms installed to ensure that property and employees are protected.

Fires can lead to massive damage which can often be prevented if detected early enough. No matter the size of your business, a fire in an office, shop or building could cause irreparable damage and significantly decrease your chances of success.

Generally, by law, businesses need to have a fire alarm system installed to diminish the likelihood of catastrophe. If you don’t already have one, reach out today to a fire alarm installation company.

4. Access Control

In 2018, access controls have taken over from traditional yet outdated locks. Access controls give you greater control over who can access which parts of your space. You can opt for a system that is wireless, has keypad entry, access card entry, phone or buzz-in entry.

Additionally, your system can be a stand-alone or network system and can include hidden wireless surveillance cameras.

The type of access control system you opt for will need to take into account the niche of your business, as well as the design of your space. However, no matter what you choose, having a customized access control center will ensure that you have complete control over who can enter which parts of your space, at what times

Protecting the physical presence of your business should be a key priority. Installing these four systems, in combination with other security installations such as LED floodlights and tri-proof lights to illuminate structures and pathways, will significantly increase the safety of your space and your employees. Don’t put off enacting these changes; you will only regret it in the long run.


Michael Dunne created Safecell Security Ltd in 2001 and acquired Authorized Access in 2013. He is now Managing Director of both companies and oversees the strategic development and day to day running of the businesses. Michael has spent over 20 years in the security industry and specialises in the Design, Installation, Maintenance and Commissioning of electrical security systems such as Intruder Alarms, Fire Alarms, CCTV, Warden Control and Access Control and all Physical security including Key Cutting, Safe & Lock Picking, Suited Key Systems, Automated Barriers & Gates and Shutters, throughout the North West of England.

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