Windows 10 is considered the most efficient operating system of Microsoft, but still it is not without its problems. In Windows 10, you may find different issues frustrating, and if you are looking for fixes that will resolve the issues once and for all, you are at the right place.

Here is a list of 18 common problems that most users find in windows 10

  1. How to Stop Automatic Updates

Automatic updates are really annoying because you have to face unexpected and unprompted restarts all the time. This can waste a lot of your time. As with the previous versions, things are the same with windows 10 as well because the first round of updates was plagued with errors; computers installed updates partially and then stalled, the computers then restarted and the updates were rolled back and the whole process started again.

If you are also the one who is facing the same problem, then you should try turning off updates so that the PC doesn’t take initiative on its own and start downloading updates, and you only come to know the whole phenomenon when your PC attempts to restart only to add anger because you are doing some important assignment and also because lot of your time will be wasted.


  1. Is Antivirus mandatory in Windows 10?

As like windows 8, windows 10 also comes with a pre-installed antivirus program called “Windows Defender”. This program is tightly woven into your windows and provides security and keeps on updating and protecting your PC. However, some reports find that it lets 32% of threats to your computer via the internet. Because of this reason a third party antivirus can also be taken into consideration.

We recommend Avast Free Antivirus if you are a free user. This antivirus runs smoothly and it doesn’t disturb you again and again with notifications. For gamers, it is perfect.

  1. Activation

Most of the times, users find difficulties in activating their windows; this is because of multiple reasons. The first solution for such problem is to buy a legitimate copy of windows. Unlike previous versions, you can now download the window online from the Microsoft website. Even after purchasing a legitimate window you find that you are unable to activate it, then you should try activation troubleshooter introduced by Microsoft.

  1. Updating Old Softwares

The transition from windows 8.1 to 10 is not that much jarring as the transition from windows 7 to 8.1 was. However, window 10 also has some backward compatibility issues and it is possible that your previous softwares may become broken. In this case, you can uninstall and then reinstall the software which isn’t working properly.

  1. Privacy and Wi-Fi Sense

For most people, privacy is a paramount concern, and in windows 10, there are some built-in features for such persons. If you want privacy and want to save yourself from hackers, then the first thing you should disable in your windows 10 is Wi-Fi Sense. Wi-Fi Sense shares Wi-Fi password to all the devices that are connected to windows 10.

  1. Printer Compatibility

Connecting your printer to windows 10 can be really a problem if you are moving from windows 7 to windows 10, and it happens because of outdated drivers. Windows 10 supports entirely different drivers than those supported by windows 7. Search in Google or Bing and upgrade your printer driver; it will solve the issues.

  1. Changing Browser

Microsoft’s internet explorer was really a disappointment and finally Microsoft has gotten rid of it completely. The new Edge browser is really interesting, but still, many people want to go with the norm, and that is using Chrome or Firefox. You can simply search for both these browsers by opening Edge. All you need to do then is to search for Chrome or Firefox version that is compatible with windows 10. Do not forget to make any of these two browsers your default browser; otherwise, the Edge browser will keep on popping up again and again.

  1. Learning to Use Edge Browser

If you really want to try a new browser offered by Microsoft, then you can learn all about it because it’s not that much difficult. The Edge browser works perfectly with the touchscreen because with the help of touch screen you can doodle, share or mess around in a way that is not possible in other browsers. Above all, Microsoft’s Edge is fast and battery efficient.


  1. No Streaming Music When Edge is minimized

There are also some annoying features in Edge and one among them is it won’t play media when it is minimized. This nature of Edge makes it more like a mobile app rather than a PC browser because same things happen in mobiles when we minimize the application. For your annoyance, there is currently no fix available for this.

  1. Blocking Pop-Ups in Edge

In Chrome or in Firefox we have to use an extra extension to block pop-ups, but in the Microsoft’s Edge, this feature is built-in. All you have to do is access settings and then go to advanced settings, turn on “Block Pop-ups”.

  1. Choosing Google over Bing

Most people complain that the default search engine in Edge browser – which is Bing – cannot be changed. This is not true. Open a web page, for instance, Google, and then click on the settings button. Accessing Advanced Settings you will see the option “Search in the address bar with” and here you can add a new page.

  1. Grappling with the touchscreen

If you have a touch screen, then you must be getting the best experience of windows 10. Since Microsoft’s window 8 was launched, the Company is struggling to optimize the touch system. However, you might still find some disjointed experience and to save yourself from this you should turn on the “Tablet mode”. This way the window will optimize itself for fingers, not pointers.

  1. Safe Mode

Safe mode offers you a good way of booting up a PC, and starts your computer and gives you access only to the main things like drivers, without opening any apps. If there is some issue in booting, you can also perform boot successfully in the Safe Mode. In windows 10, if you want to access safe mode, hold down the Shift key while you are booting up.

  1. Making sure Windows 10 knows where you are

Many apps in windows 10 access your location and that’s why they provide you best possible results. For instance, Cortana works perfectly if it knows your location. So in order to update your location, you must make sure in settings that you have selected the right country – your own country. In the settings menu, you can also turn on the location.

  1. Speeding up your PC

You can speed up your PC in many ways in windows 10. The most effective and easy is disabling those functions that you don’t want to start up when you turn on your PC. This will surely make your PC faster. In order to disable the services or tabs, you can go to task manager.

  1. Making DVDs work again

Annoyingly, window 10 doesn’t have any standard option to play DVD formats. You can play DVDs by installing an app from the windows store which is called Windows DVD Player, but it will cost you almost $15-20. The best alternative is VLC media player and the supported version is available for windows 10 now.

  1. Turning off Annoying Notifications

In windows 10, you can see all your notifications at once in the action center and it is the best feature when compared with the windows 7 or 8.1. However, sometimes it gets so much annoying when the action center is clogged up with notifications. You can go to Notifications and then Actions in the setting menu and there you can turn off irrelevant notifications.

  1. Stopping Windows 10 from using loads of data

If you are using 4G internet on your windows 10 supported machine, then there is a surprise for you. The background apps might consume lots of data leaving you surprised and amazed at the moment when you will receive the bill. You can avoid this problem by setting up Metered Connection. In this way window 10 won’t collect too much background data.

This article is written by Lisa Myers, She works at Rebates Zone.