Being always in action, writing, tweeting, posting and sharing, engaging and creating, it’s rare to find a content manager idle with nothing to do. Regardless, some of these professionals somehow appear to be far more successful and productive than other individuals in the same industry. Here are some tips from the best writing service provider for all your academic assistance.

While it may be ideal to use the tools to better your writing, you may also opt for hiring a writing company that would offer excellent articles and essays. If you’ve got a bunch of articles to write and it’s not possible to clear the workload before the deadline, then OK Essay – essay writing service would be the ideal company. Their team of expert top-notch writers are committed to ensuring you get quality, well-researched essays. What’s more, the company guarantees plagiarism free content since every article passes through an effective plagiarism checker.

However, if you’re doing the work yourself, these ten tools will be crucial.

  • Feedly – Limit your research to the important topics

To establish relevant topics, most opt to search for content published in their industry to either modify or improve it. To avoid creating and checking long lists of blogs that you regularly visit, you can use this tool. Feedly gathers all the content you require in one place. You can choose your specific areas of interest to get related new posts. It also helps you plan your sources into folders while offering recommendations of blogs related to your subscriptions.

  • TrendSpottr – Always stay ahead of the rest

To promote and establish your brand’s reputation, you will need to gain extra traffic. You would also need to be sure to create awesome pieces on trending topics before your competitor does. To identify popular topics, trending phrases, ideas, and hashtags, TrendSpottr will be instrumental. The program has a frequency of alerts that can be classified according to urgency. You’ll receive any information on popular or trending content via mail.

  • ly – Capture your audience’s attention

Attractive images are equally important as words. That is why it may take more time to create images than writing a whole piece. The program helps you create original infographics and eye-catching pictures with minimal effort. It is famous for its wonderful templates and an array of features that allow you to employ your creativity. You can also learn how to establish the best visual designs to improve the quality of your content.

  • Hemingway – Create error-free quality content

Now that you know how to use pictures in your content, let’s now look at words. An effective article should be well written, engaging, and free of errors. In some instances, it may take more time to edit that to write content. You can use the Hemingway editor to simplify editing and checking of errors in your document. The free app has a user-friendly interface and identifies hard to read sentences that require paraphrasing.

  • Unplag – Check plagiarism in multiple documents at once

You can employ unique software of content creation to check your paper for any red flags. This online plagiarism checker has been specifically created to help minimize plagiarism and enhance the quality of your content. It supports 99 percent of file formats and can check up to five documents at once. Additionally, it has an accurate similarity analysis and highlights the matching sources.

  • StayFocused – Focus due to managing the time you spend online

This easy to use tool blocks irrelevant websites to get your work done. It has a minimalist interface as well as several options that help you save time by managing your online activity. To enhance your productivity when online, you can activate the nuclear option, and it will block all websites outside the allowed list.

This tool operates on the same basis as the Pomodoro technique whereby you break up your work into 5-minute breaks and 25-minute chunks to recharge. It has a colorful interface and is easy to use. The tool allows you to use keyboard shortcuts, hence saving time. You can also select a sound alert for notifications in Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

  • io – Market your writing ability

This tool helps promote your content. You just upload the content for the system to check for influencers to which you can promote your new post. It also has other relationship building and influencer marketing features. Not only does the tool identify the influencer names, it further finds their email addresses and Twitter accounts.

  • Buffer – Remain popular and increase your audience

This is the ideal tool for boosting your popularity and influencing your audience and followers on social media. The tool connects all key social media accounts to control new postings. This way, it will be easier to post content to multiple platforms with one click. You can also schedule and queue your content.

  • PostPlanner – Stay on the know

Practice and repetition is a crucial aspect of effective content creation. The more content you create, the more new topics come up. If you are in need of an ideal tool to help in finding, planning, and posting your content on social sites like Facebook and Twitter. The tool helps you identify trending content and find suggested ideas on status updates.

The journey to successful blogging is neither easy nor quick. However, with these tools, it will be easier for you to be the content creator you wish to be.