Nowadays, with the increase in the activities like theft, cyber-hacking, and even phishing are taking place on a larger level. Recently, a Ransomware affected several PCs all over the world. Here’s where the security concerns arise. How safe our Android phones are when it comes to such things?

We often confuse the security apps with antivirus or anti-malware apps. Yes, and antivirus or anti-malware app can be a security app, but all security apps aren’t antivirus or anti-malware apps. There are a ton of other apps that falls into the ‘Security apps’ category. We are providing a list of 10 Best security apps for Android that will ensure to boost your Android device security. Let us get started.

Locking apps (Applock)

So, everybody is aware of the fact that you can set a password, passcode or a pattern lock to the lock screen of your Android device. But if you’ve to give your phone to somebody then you’ve to unlock it first, and all the apps can be accessed by that person, no matter what. You are always concerned about your privacy, what about another app that locks your apps?

There are a ton of apps available on the Google Play Store that enables you to put a lock on the apps. You can make use of the passcode, pin or the pattern lock feature built in the Applock app. The app is ad-supported, and you can pay to remove the ads and get more themes.

Android Device Manager

Everybody have this fear of losing their Android smartphone somewhere sometime, right? Losing, we don’t have a command over it. What we can do is set up our Android device in such a way that its location can be tracked, and that is what Android Device Manager do. Developed by Google itself, you get the options to choose your device then make it ring or eve lock it remotely, you can also track its location (GPS of the phone must be pre-activated for this), all by entering your Google account login details.

Antivirus or Antimalware apps

Though according to a lot of tech enthusiasts, an Antivirus or Antimalware app isn’t required if you download apps only from Google Play Store only, as Google take care of these issues before even publishing them to the store. Nowadays, antivirus apps are coming with a ton of additional features like an anti-theft system, cloud backup and system tuner built in. Almost all the antivirus app does the pretty much same job; you can pick anyone from the link provided.

DuckDuckGo Search and Stories

DuckDuckGo Search and Stories is a popular search engine, just like Google, Yahoo, and Bing! The USP of this app is that it doesn’t track or save your Search History. That means, on a public network say you’re on your company’s network, nobody will be able to track what all you are searching for.

Reslio Sync

Reslio Sync converts your PC as a cloud storage. The Reslio Sync’s desktop app lets you upload your data from your Android phone to a cloud server that has been built on your PC. A great app for all those who don’t trust the already available online Cloud Storage tools.

Private Messenger Apps

There are ‘n’ number of private messenger apps available on the Google Play Store that not only gives you the functionality of texting, sharing media, video and audio calls but also are now comes with encryption. This makes it is impossible for somebody to track your personal conversations. Some of the best Private Messenger apps are Signal Private Messenger, Telegram, and Whatsapp.

Ghostery Browser

Ghostery Browser lets you disable all the ads and history tracking stuff going around in any other browser; you get a completely safe surfing environment. Though, it won’t break any speed records but hey! Privacy is everything in today’s time, right?


GlassWire is one of the latest security apps that focuses on the consumption of other apps that are consuming data on your phone. It lays down the details about the overall consumption of data by the individual app using a graphical interface. Also, alerts you if a new app is consuming a lot of data. The main focus is not to make you cross the data cap.


LastPass is an amazing app that lets you save your login credentials, PIN and other sensitive information. You have to set and choose a master password which ironically is needed to save all other passwords. With the cross-platform support, having to allow installation as browser plugins, LastPass is a pretty nifty tool for all those people who are forgetful about their credentials more often. Paid version of the app adds some extra syncing features.

Tunnelbear VPN

This list of ours, regarding the ‘best security apps’, won’t be considered complete without the mention of a VPN app. There are a ton of VPN apps available on the internet nowadays, and TunnelBear is amongst the best. The ease of use and the accessibility are the best features that make it to the list of best VPN apps. What VPN app does is, it lets you connected to a Virtual Private Network that is based in another country and now you can surf the web in a more secure way if you are on public Wi-Fi networks. The free package offers 500 MB of data usage every month you can pay and get extra usage.

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