YouTube has allowed offline downloads of videos for several years now, but only if you were lucky enough to live in a country where it’s supported. (I know India at least had the function in both the full YouTube app and in YouTube Go.) Now the option seems to be rolling out to more countries. One tipster in Iraq told us about it and I was able to confirm it on my device and several of my friends in Lebanon. Other AP team members in the US, UK, and Japan don’t have it, so this appears to still be a geo-limited function with what could be a Levant-only rollout, a Middle Eastern one, or a wider one for more countries. We rely on you, dear readers, to let us know where it’s working and where it isn’t.

Android Police

The funny thing about YouTube Red features is after you have them you never want to go back to free YouTube. I could see YouTube Red getting bigger and bigger as it expands to other countries.