Successfully designing a coffee bag that conveys the lifeblood of your brand will help your product to stand out in stores and ensure buyers recognize and buy your coffee more and more.

No roaster should ignore the significance of a well-designed coffee bag as this is a unique opportunity to capture your love for coffee, the story behind your brand and your unique selling point in a minimalistic but classy design.

If done right, this huge responsibility would benefit any coffee brand that hopes to make a unique mark in the coffee landscape and the heart of their customers.

So, if you’re looking to create your coffee bags and boxes, here are a few creative tips to guide you in your coffee packaging design.

Decide On Your Coffee Packaging Bag

From the quad bottom coffee bag, quad seal bag, Bag-in-Bag coffee box to the doypack and pillow bag, brands must decide on the most suitable bagging option for their coffee.

Considering that there are so many different pouch options, you should only opt for stand-up, airtight options as these designs are more acceptable to consumers.

In more ways than one, what the coffee comes in is as equally important has the content itself. So, maintaining a timeline of quality and consistency in selecting your coffee packaging will ultimately decide on the possibility of a design breakthrough. You can choose from wide range of coffee packaging options offered by ePac flexible packaging company.

Choose Your Style

Every roaster needs to differentiate itself from its competitors – and one of the simplest ways to accomplish that is through your unique style.

Drawing attention to a coffee packaging design entails adding an element of uniqueness or elements that are otherwise not present in the coffee market.

You could choose to go vintage or try out a more modern design. Both varieties appeal to different fan bases and local research will help to decide on which is best.

Using attractive artworks is another way to establish your style. Artworks with eyepopping colors easily jump at buyers and are more likely to be purchased in stores.

A different way to go is to use vibrant metallic or neon colored finishes which delivers a high-end elegant design.

Creating a unique style is a complicated process, but it’s worth the effort at the end of the day.


Package labels might seem like an insignificant part of a design job, but it will have a remarkable impact on marketability, sales, and branding.

A good label will communicate the essential details of your product including the logo, roast date, processing, and packaging methods and more.

This crucial piece of your coffee package design deserves your attention and rightly so as the coffee industry is highly regarded for its labels.

For starters, try to blend the material of your label with the coffee bag itself. Shiny labels, for instance, adapt well with gloss finishes while a paper label is more suitable for a matt surface.

Stock pouches might deserve a larger, more elaborate label while with a customized bag, you’re better off with a tinier, cleaner label that conveys basic details about the coffee.

Think Beyond the Bag

The hallmark of highly successful coffee brands is their ability to look beyond colors and styles and incorporate additional elements into their package design.

Many of these brands are embracing coffee packaging that is consumer friendly, recyclable and eco-friendly.

On the one hand, convenience packaging, as preached by the gurus, caters to the modern consumers. Simple design add-ons like zippers and tape reclosures have made the difference in today’s market as they are more consumer friendly and make opening the coffee bag easier.

On the other hand, environmentally friendly packaging designs have garnered a huge following. This school of design believes that packaging should be natural and recyclable.

These perspectives and more should be taken into cognizance when designing your coffee package as the options are limitless, and your creativity with ultimately make the difference.

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