2017 has already featured plenty of great tech trends. We’ve seen exciting new things in the world of gadgets and gaming alike. But there are still plenty of trends left in the tank to keep tech geeks satisfied until the end of the year. If you have the skills and interest in AI, there are trending artificial intelligence companies that are developing intelligent technology and services.

What are some top technology trends that will dominate the rest of 2017? Here are five that are sure to be on everyone’s lips.

Driving without a driver

The rest of 2017 might finally be the time when driverless cars make their breakthrough. It’s been a long time coming and it has made Silicon Valley clash with automakers in Detroit – however, the technology has been improving in leaps and bounds. It’s likely the numbers won’t go much beyond their thousands but once this revolution gets underway, it’ll be tough to stop it. Juniper Research thinks there will be 14.5 million driverless cars by 2025.

Wearables become more commonplace

Smart wearables actually suffered slightly in terms of popularity last year, but the technology is likely to boom once more in 2017. Just consider the fact that CES will this year feature 82 vendors presenting their wearable technologies! In terms of the technology, the focus will be increasingly on health aspects instead of just communication or information. New competitors for Fitbit and the Polar are likely going to start luring in consumers with increasingly sophisticated wearables.

Cloud computing to take over

Cloud computing is going to continue its victory march and take over the way we store and use data. Already, we have started keeping our games in cloud storage and even our photos are often not physically on our computers. Since cloud computing is such a big thing, the investment by technology companies will go further in ensuring our access to the data is not hindered. This is likely to mean infrastructure investment to ensure connectivity remains high and the bandwidths we use will be able to withstand our usage.

Virtual reality expanding further

Virtual reality has slowly been making its way into the consumer market. It’s been a year since the likes of Oculus Right were first introduced and 2017 is likely to be the make or break year for virtual reality. However, the year might not be just about virtual reality – its sister technologies of augmented and mixed reality are going to add their unique flavour to the market. New players might also be entering the arena – Apple has long been rumoured to make its own augmented reality headset. Now, the competition might be good for the consumer. If you check you can find lots of offers from different technology retailers for products like HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

The rise of artificial intelligence

While we’re already utilising artificial intelligence in many ways, the technology is likely to change more profoundly in 2017. It’s likely that this year, we finally secede most of our control to AI. This could mean that artificial intelligence will take control of health care solutions, agriculture and our cars, as mentioned earlier. Just recently, Google revealed that its AI is actually creating its own AI. So, your Google Home personal assistant might become quite a powerful thing in a few years.

So, there you have it: the five top technology trends that will dominate the rest of 2017. It’ll definitely be an interesting year – as a consumer, it’s hard to wait what new gadgets we get to explore soon!