Washington Post

  • November 11, 2012

    The Slashdot Effect

    CmdTaco aka Rob Malda took to the time to write an excerpt on his new home page about the site he founded, and was chef editor of for 14 years.  For those of you who do not know who Commander Taco, he is the original owner and founder of my favorite tech news site  Over a year ago he left and now works for the WaPo Labs a division of Washington Post. Commander Taco’s site slashdot had an proverbial impact on my life I started reading slashdot in high school, and quickly it became something I read every morning in my home room class waiting for role call.  By the following year my home room ended up being my computer votec class.  I would have first period there everyday until I graduated high school. In high school reading about tech news everyday, and getting to work with technology on daily basis inspired me to pursue a career in technology.  I went on to pursue my career in Information Technology in college where I would spend two years of my life acquiring skills that would allow me to get a job.  As news would always break about tech in college I got quoted as saying “I will believe it when it hits slashdot.” Towards the end of my college career I needed to start thinking about work, so I decided to open up a computer business, which will be celebrating it’s 10th year in business soon.  We started out just doing repair work we have now branched out into many other areas of technology which has allowed me to enjoy my work and make enough money to support a family. Even though CmdTaco is not at slashdot anymore I continue my daily trend with a cup of coffee in the morning,...