Your digital marketing strategy isn’t complete if SEO isn’t at the centre. It’s SEO that drives the kind of traffic you want to your site. Without it, you can’t enjoy the trappings of effective marketing. Whereas it remains to be one of the reasons why your site is visible, there are changes that happen in the SEO scene now and then. In 2018, these changes still happen. As such, it becomes paramount to consider the latest trends when devising your SEO strategy.

Creating an SEO Strategy

Whether you have used SEO before, there is need to think about it from a new perspective. Consumer behaviour keeps changing and search engine capacities haven’t been left behind. The mistake you should avoid making is to employ SEO as a set and forget the mechanism. There’s need for regular monitoring and checking to see whether the track shares on Facebook strategy you come up with is the reason why you are trending steps ahead of the competition.

Target Market Composition

Today, SEO has inched further than just attracting traffic. It’s more of driving high value prospects, who are likely to convert 80% of the time. There is a need to assess the demographic cluster you are targeting and how they perform their searches online. You need to know the platforms they frequent and whether your intention to work with a given platform is a viable strategy. There are tools that can help you to this extent, make use of them.

Mobile Search

Mobile is the new desktop. The mobile market space has been on an upward trajectory. 89% of the searches done daily are now happening via mobile. If your strategy doesn’t acknowledge the need for a responsive site, you will be losing every customer and prospect who tries to search your products and services. When you optimize your website to cater to mobile searches, you not only enjoy traffic, but Google will drive up your rank.

Search Engines Are Expanding

It is no longer about Google when it comes to search engine ranking. There are other search engines that have an influence just like Google. If you want these other search engines to be your wing man, consider better engagement on social media and make sure that Meta tags are in your new strategy.

 Audience Search Preferences

Previously, people were searching for generalised phrases that didn’t represent the conversational tone. Today, a lot has changed. The search habits are gravitating towards a personalised tone. This affects the keyword dynamics. It’s important that you move towards keywords that encourage conversions instead of those that draw volumes of traffic that won’t be converting anytime soon.

Streamline Navigation

Part of your strategy should focus on engagement. Simply, engaging your prospects starts with providing ways and methods that make your site navigable. It’s okay to have user friendly content, but if the user interface is jumbled up, it could spell doom. Don’t load too many images that will slow down your page. Attention spans haven’t changed and if a potential customer has to wait 9 seconds for your page to load, they are likely to speed off to a competitor’s site. Remember to build your page around a trending keyword. You want your followers to react positively to the relevant content you have provided. It’s the only way you are guaranteed of better rankings.

If your strategy is ignoring social media, you could be in for a rude shock. This is not only one of the profitable marketing platforms, but it’s the best bet if you need qualified leads to overwhelm your site. The modern shopper will consider what you have presented on your social media page before heading to your site.

Analysis Is Key

Even when you are sure that your strategy will deliver the desired goals, you cannot afford to ignore monitoring. You need to track the metrics that matter. It’s advisable that you assess the minor changes and if they have positive impact, focus on ways to amplify them. Don’t change anything blindly, but make use of analytic tools and reports to steer your site to increased success.  When you launch your marketing campaigns, integrate SEO elements that are known to work for ventures in your niche. You can’t go wrong.

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