1. Heart Rate Monitor
With wearable computing being a very popular trend Samsung is particularly proud that it’s the first to put a heart rate sensor into a smartphone. The sensor is located right under the back camera.

2. Water and dust resistant
People are happy about this who by accident has not dropped their phone in water.

3. Fingerprint Sensor
You can use the fingerprint sensor to authorize payments and sign in to apps and services. Let’s hope this doesn’t turn into a huge security disaster. Samsung promises that your fingerprint patterns will never be uploaded off the device

4. Kid Mode
We’ve seen this on Windows Phone already, but Kid mode lets you decide which apps, games and features are appropriate for your children so they stay safe when they get their hands on your phone and your phone stays safe too.

5. Power-Saving Mode
The screen goes black-and-white only, and all non-essential apps and services are killed, allowing the last 10 percent of your battery to power your phone through an incredible 24 hours. You can remain accessible via calls and text messages, which is what you need most in an emergency.

6. Combine Wi-Fi and LTE Data For Faster Downloads
For those occasions when either one of those services can’t provide enough bandwidth you can use them both simultaneously.

7. The camera has a 0.3-second autofocus lag
Samsung claims a 0.3-second focus lag will prevent focusing issues due to movement.

8. New UI
Some developers are not pleased with the TouchWiz UI so a new one has been born.

9. Bonus Features
It seems as though owners of a Galaxy S5 will receive a few bonus features and privileges from major app makers including LinkedIn, PayPal, Evernote, Box, and the Wall Street Journal.

10. Private Mode
The new Samsung Galaxy S5 will let you stash photos, videos and files securely so that you don’t have to worry about personal information such as IDs and bank documents falling into the wrong hands.

While that is indeed an impressive list of features let’s talk about the hardware specs.

Display – 5.10-inch
Processor – 2.5GHz
Front Camera – 2.1-megapixel
Rear Camera – 16-megapixel
Resolution – 1080×1920 pixels
Operating System – Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat
Storage – 16GB
Battery capacity – 2800mAh

The Galaxy S5 will be available worldwide on April 11th. Pricing for the device has not yet been announced.