Microsoft appears to be stepping up its game when it comes to trying to push users to try out Microsoft Edge with the upcoming Windows 10 update launching in October. In this release, Microsoft has quietly added a new feature to the OS called “app suggestions,” which is on by default, and will popup a window when the user tries to install a third-party browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox prompting them to try Edge first.

The popup appears to be powered by the Microsoft Store, and shows up whenever you try to launch an installer for a third-party browser not made by Microsoft. Now, these “app suggestions” can be turned in the Settings app if you don’t want Microsoft promoting Edge as you try to install another browser, and the popup itself doesn’t stop you from installing other browsers, it just reminds you that Edge exists and is worth a try. It’s likely that these app suggestions are in play for other types of apps too, but we’ve not been able to find anymore as of yet.

Windows Central

Microsoft is trying very hard to push Edge usage next will see Edge for Mac and ChromeOS 😉