Microsoft still hasn’t officially confirmed the existence of its rumored Windows Lite operating system, but the software giant is dropping some pretty big hints about the future of Windows today. Nick Parker, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of consumer and device sales, appeared on stage at Computex today to detail the company’s vision for a modern operating system. While Parker didn’t unveil Windows Lite, a rumored lightweight version of Windows for dual-screen and Chromebook-like devices, he did reveal how Microsoft is preparing for new device types.

These new devices will require what Microsoft calls a “modern OS,” that includes a bunch of “enablers” like seamless updates. We’ve seen various promises about Windows Updates being improved over the years, but Microsoft is now promising that “modern OS updates are invisibly done in the background; the update experience is deterministic, reliable, and instant with no interruptions!” No interruptions and done in the background sounds very different from the Windows Update experience available on Windows 10 today, and it sounds far more Chrome OS-like.

This “modern OS” is also secure by default according to Microsoft, meaning the state is separated from the OS and compute is “separated from applications,” which sounds a lot more cloud-powered than what we’re used to today. Microsoft also wants this modern OS to work with 5G connectivity, and to include a variety of inputs like pen, voice, touch, even gaze.

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