Project HellFire by the hacktivist group GhostShell claims to have released one million account details from websites, in a project under the alias “Hellfire”. GhostShell a hacker group linked with the Activist group Anonymous is claiming that they have hacked some major U.S. institutions including major banking institutions, accounts of politicians and has posted those details online. The dumps comprising of millions of accounts has been let loose on the web by the hacking collective. The motivation behind the hack, the group claims, is to protest against banks, politicians and the hackers who have been captured by law enforcement agencies. Some of the hacked databases included over 30,000 records, although the actual figures were “hard to count and verify”. While “a lot of the data” does not appear to be sensitive, through CMS exploits GhostShell was able to steal a “very large portion” of the files, which noticeably included credit history reports.  Other information included usernames, passwords, email addresses and the real names of account holders. The group justifies its operation, Project HellFire, as a “final form of protest this summer against the banks, politicians and for all the fallen hackers this year”.