The iPhone X is going to get some competition from Google this fall.

The search giant on Thursday announced it will host a hardware event on Oct. 4, where it’s expected to reveal its next-generation smartphone, the Pixel 2.

The tech titan posted a cryptic video on its YouTube site that featured a Google search box with multiple queries being typed in.

“What’s wrong with my phone’s battery?” one asked. Another wanted to know “Why doesn’t my phone understand me?”

The video suggests, among other things, that the Mountain View, Calif.-based company’s new smartphone may be equipped with an improved version of its voice-activated Google Assistant.

The Oct. 4 date falls on the one-year anniversary of the launch of Google’s first Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones, which were tagged by reviewers as one of the best smartphones on the market that use Google’s Android mobile operating system.


It’s a pretty safe bet this is the time of year Apple and Google roll stuff out for the holiday season.