It’s not really news that Google will automatically schedule deletion of your Android Backups after your Android device is inactive for more than two months. After two weeks of activity, Google puts the timer on for the two months.

Google backup is just like Apple they backup the standard Apps, Call History, Device Settings, Contacts, Calendar, Text Messages, and Pictures.

Google allows for backups of your Android mobile device to be saved on Google Drive makes sense since both the phone OS Android and Drive are both Google products. The issue becomes the backups will only be retained as long as you are active on your device.

After two weeks of your device being inactive Google Drive will then display an expiration date below the backup, showing a countdown of how much longer you have until the backup gets automatically wiped. If you use an Android device during the two months that expiration date would go away. After two months of inactivity, it will delete the backup.

All this came to light recently after a Reddit User discovered while his Nexus 6P was sent for a refund claim. While waiting to find an Android replacement device, he glanced at his Google Drive Backup folder and found his Nexus 6P backup missing.

In Google support documentation they say “Your backup will remain as long as you use your device. If you don’t use your device for 2 weeks, you may see an expiration date below your backup.”

But what really gets to me about this is if I delete a file I can go in the trash and recover the file, in this case, there is no recovering the deleted backup. The other thing with this I don’t like is Google deletes unused backups after two months and all that app and settings data is gone, and there’s no way to save it even if you’re paying for Google Drive storage. If I am paying for Google Drive storage why is Google deleting my backups maybe I wanted to save them.

My other issue with Google deleting backups automatically is what about schools or kids that only use a phone or tablet for school will all their backups be gone after summer. What happens if the device won’t boot up after summer now all the backups or most of the backups have been deleted. Google has a serious issue they need to address with their backup solution for Android.

I know it’s normal for storage and backup companies to clean up old accounts to clean up storage but my issue is Google is providing no warning to users and some of the users were paying for Google Drive to have extra storage which is a huge issue as far as I am concerned.