I myself always enjoyed reading mostly my genres consist of technology books, autobiographies and biographies.  I have read may different books as of late which I will eventually blog about but today I would like to highlight Kevin Mitnick – Ghost In The Wires.  This book gave a very detailed look at Kevin Mitnick’s life and cleared up a lot of rumors about this past.  Steve Wozniak even does blurbs in the book giving it even more authenticity.  The book speaks about the Free Kevin movement.  Touches on the movie that was right to DVD Track Down.  The book does go into some techie information for more of the technical person and geek at heart but also does a good job of simplifying information for the average reader.  I think this was a great book and I had a hard time putting it down.  I will also be reading Kevin Mitnick -Art of Deception and Art of Institution soon.  I give this book 5 Stars.