Facebook again beats the speculation proving once again they are not a hardware company and not releasing a Facebook phone or tablet, but has moved ahead with a new feature call Graphic Search.

Facebook Graphic Search goes straight after Google’s bread and butter.  You can search through the massive piles of information, photos, music, “likes,” and other data on the social networking giant’s servers.

The new feature is not released yet.  Within the next few weeks, a few hundred thousand users in the U.S. will get a chance to use the new search functions as Facebook seems to want test the new feature before rolling it out to everyone.

If you would like to be a part of those few hundred thousand users you can sign up here.

There are some concerns with the new feature the new Facebook Graph Search is a phishing scammers dream because the attacker can narrow down specific targets, and customize emails or Facebook messages using compelling details about their lives, their friends, the things that interest them, and the places they’ve visited.

Facebook has built in a privacy tool not sure how many people are going to use it but time will tell.  The hopes of most security researchers are this tools might be a major eye opener for people to see how much data they are sharing.

Facebook has received some other unexpected slack with this announcement investors and shareholders were hoping for a Facebook phone or tablet.  Shares in the company have been shaky and launching a mobile initiative would have helped the the company’s revenue ability by making money on smartphones and tablets.

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