If you are a publisher, publicist, or author interested in having me review your book, please read these guidelines before contacting me. Thank you for your interest in having your book reviewed.  I ask that you check out my site to see if the book in question is a good match with what I usually review.
Genres I WILL NOT consider for review (everything else is fair game):

  • Poetry
  • Political
  • Heavy Romance/Erotica
  • Religious Fiction/Nonfiction (This one depends on the book)

I accept both ereader (has to be a Kindle friendly format) and physical books. I prefer to have a month notice to review a book. I will consider books from independent publishers or self-published. We do have the right to refuse books and we do not accept payment to read and write reviews. Reviews are also posted to Goodreads, Amazon and other media outlets I have access to handle.

If you believe you have a book that may interest me, please send me a message