Galaxy S III owners on AT&T who have been waiting for months on end to get their Samsung Galaxy S III upgraded can now rejoice.  Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean is now available for download to AT&T Galaxy S III owners through Kies, Samsung’s content sync and software update service. There is no OTA update so you’ll have to connect the device to your Mac or PC to get the update.

There have been some install issues users might want to check their storage space on their phones before downloading; the upgrade will be a fairly hefty 738MB.  Another issue any custom APNs (Access Point Names) will be deleted during the update. You can easily reconfigure any custom APNs after the update by selecting the APN option under Mobile Networks.

Jelly Bean on the Galaxy S III will also be getting the following features and improvements:

  • Home screen mode
  • Blocking mode
  • Swype
  • Music Hub
  • Setting menu
  • Quick panel UI
  • Better Facebook support

Sprint was first American carrier to offer Jelly Bean to the Galaxy S III this past October, while rival Verizon still hasn’t announced plans to bring Jelly Bean to Samsung’s flagship smartphone the rumors I have read are a possible December 14 release date but again it’s just a rumor.