If you want to track your spouse, teen, partner or even employee it is possible all because of this technology. It is very easy to cheat your partner of deceive your parents or employees. These spy software apps help you to spy and find any situation of fraud or infidelity. These invisible apps to catch a cheater allow you to stealthily check on the person’s activity without their even being aware of it. These apps are really useful as they protect you from any fraud or cheating. If you arte parent of a teenage child and do not want your child to visit any wrong web page or get in touch with any person or even locate the GPS location of your lost or stolen device.

Here is the list of five android apps that can you to download and use to track various data types on any android devices. Some of the apps are free while some need to be purchased. Depending on your need you can install the app.

1] Xnspy

Xnspy is one of the top spying apps that work pretty well on all Android devices such as smartphones and tablets. The app has a user-friendly interface but that’s not the only interesting thing about it. It is packed with standard and advanced monitoring features starting from monitoring calls, text messages, web browsing history to monitoring IM chats, tracking the location, intercepting calls and surroundings, and controlling the phone from a remote location. The Basic Edition of Xnspy starts from $8 a month and the Premium Edition starts from $12 a month. It is completely invisible, no one would be able to figure out it is working in the background, transferring the data of the phone to the web account.

2] Spyzie:

One of the best spy apps of all times is this app. It is one of the most effective spy app for Android users. It has several features that make it easy and reliable you use. It has the feature that can track an android device using GPS tracking feature. It also helps to track other phone data such as calls, messages, calendar events and activities of the target device. It has the option to target the key loggers, call recording, social apps, memo, call logs, texts and many such activities that you want from a spy app. The best part of this app that there is no need to root the target android device and the price also makes it affordable. The only lacking of this device is that it comes without trial it has to be purchased to use it.

3] Mobile Spy:

Even this is one of the most popular apps in the market. It has a long list of happy and satisfied users. It comes with a lot of basic monitoring features along with added ability to access and track texts, media files such as videos and photos and app data including Facebook, Viber and WhatsApp. This app also has the feature to monitor the laptop. Reliable and easy to use app that can track numerous data types and can also track and control a device, but it may not be the best app for Android devices.

4] SpyBubble:

It may not come with a lot of ground braking features but still is the most reliable spy app in the business. It has the basic monitoring for messages, call logs, emails and IM services like WhatsApp. It effectively monitors all the aspects of the target device. It can also be used to disable the target device’s feature using text commands. The drawback with this app is it is not equipped with advanced features and is costly as compared to other spy apps that come with better and advanced features.

5] Spyera:

It is one of its kinds of spy app that has unique features which are not present in any other spy app program. The best feature of this app is that in spite of being an Android app its priority was blackberry Messenger. That is it is a Android app but you can easily track BBMs using this program, it is rare feature that many spy apps do not have. It provides complete information of the device that is put on the track, texts, emails; call logs all can be tracked. This is an expensive app as compared to other apps in the market and it also lacks free trial service.

6] iSpyoo:

It is a spy program that helps you to track any smartphone and give access to the tracking data with the help of a sign up program on the online forum. It helps to monitor messages, websites visited, Facebook, WhatsApp messages, Viber and Skype messages. It is a user friendly app that gives effective results. It can also work as a bug that can listen to the sounds in the surrounding. At times certain error in its functioning does arise that makes it less popular among the users.

The above were the paid Android spy apps, amongst the free ones The ThruthSpy, PhoneSherrif, Mobistealth are popular ones.

Get going to choose the best Android spy from the above list. You could choose any spy program after considering its pros and cons depending on your needs.