Off The Hook is a weekly show on WBAI radio, New York, produced by 2600 Magazine. 2600 Magazine which is one of the most read and longest running security publications which has 4 magazine releases a year can be found in stores and on Amazon. Off the hook has been on the air since October 7, 1988 and just celebrated 25 years on the air. Off The Hook airs Wednesdays on WBAI-FM which has been in lots of financial trouble and has even been in talks to sell to clear channel.

WBAI-FM, the noncommercial radio station that has been a liberal fixture in New York for more than 50 year and laid off about two-thirds of its staff in early August including its entire news department, because of long-simmering financial difficulties.

WBAI, which broadcasts at 99.5 FM, has long struggled financially, and its leadership structure has been described as anarchic. But its problems multiplied last year after Hurricane Sandy, when it was forced to vacate its studios on Wall Street. In March, the station began a drive to raise $500,000 to pay back rent on its transmitter. The station had millions of dollars in debt and had operated at a loss since 2004 to make its payroll laying off employees to pay its transmitter rent and to avoid being forced to sell its broadcast license.

Off The Hook has been working to raise money by getting pledges and giving away free jump drives just to get the pledges. WBAI has even started with a buddy program asking people to pledge 10 dollars a month to help keep the station on the air. Off The Hook has even gone as far as to give away 2600 T-shirts which they found and giving them away for pledges.  To pledge money to keep the station WBAI and Off The Hook on the air please call 516-620-3602.