artificial intelligence

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  • Artificial intelligence and data science are two main technologies that forms the processes of the automotive. Since 2017, Udacity selected a group of 18 talented engineers (out of hundreds of applicants) to form the Self-Racing Cars team Udacity offer the first self-driving Nanodegree program. The program was Built in partnership with Uber, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Nvidia. After a huge success, Udacity introduced another Nanodegree program for the beginners. At last, MIT and university introduced their courses in the automotive industry. So, if AI have existed since 1950 why it is matter to Automotive industry now? there are two answers for this question. A short answer which states “due to the raise of deep learning and greater computing power, and the availability of large amounts of data in the cloud”. A more detailed answer which reflect all these technologies together. The huge advance in machine learning algorithms due to the deep learning; moreover, With AI as an raising common technology platform, the automotive industry is set to test various changes in the following years. As several issues considered during the manufacturing process in terms of AI: vehicles become more integrated, and complex systems. New functions are added according to standards. According to The IHS report, in 2015, the install rate of AI based systems in new vehicles was only 8%; this number is expected to increase to 109% in 2025. This massive increase back to the use of AI systems in vehicles would be standardized across autonomous vehicle applications. By the end of 2015, Toyota and Tesla’s founder, Elon Musk, each announced investment amounting to one billion US dollars in AI R&D almost at the same time. The aim of these research developing connected, autonomous, and AI based systems that able to do optimal decisions in several situations. Through techniques such...