As everyone knows Google takes the security, and secrecy of their data centers very seriously.  Secure in its dominant position, along with the companies willingness to help businesses learn from their experience in a struggling economy.  Google has shared knowledge with administrators, and businesses to help them go green, and run data centers more efficiently.  Google has become one of the most open internet companies, in terms of revealing the secrets that make its data centers so efficient over the years.

Google has posted a site dubbed called Google Data Centers.  Which can be found here

The pages are filled with stunning photos, employee profiles, information on energy, and efficiency.  This introduces the public to some of Google’s thousands of data center and the professionals who run and, operate them on a daily bases.

To commemorate its $600M USD Lenoir, North Carolina data center Google is offering a street view and walk threw in Google Maps.  Navigate to Google Maps and type in this location.

Google Data Center, Lynhaven Drive, Lenoir, NC

There is a picture gallery available showing pictures of the inside of 8 datacenters.

The data centers represent Google’s nerve center, although none are located near the company’s headquarters in Mountain View, Calif.  Initially, Google just wanted enough computing power to index all the websites on the Internet and deliver quick responses to search requests. As Google’s expanded into other markets, the company had to keep adding more servers to store videos, photos, email and information about their users’ preferences.

Google studies Internet search requests and Web surfing habits in an effort to gain a better understanding of what people like and search for on a regular basis to target ads.  Advertising accounts for virtually all of Google’s revenue, which totaled nearly $23 billion through the first half of this year.