Google is doing there second spring cleaning.  Last year we saw these services get retired in the first Google spring cleaning.

  • Google Mini enterprise search system
  • Google Talk Chatback widget
  • Google Video
  • iGoogle
  • Symbian search app

This time around, Google Reader and seven other services are getting the axe, bringing the firm’s total of features closed since 2011 to 70.  This year on the chopping block is following.

  • Apps Script’s GUI builder and five UiApp widgets
  • CalDAV API
  • Google Building Maker
  • Google Cloud Connect
  • Google Reader
  • Search API for Shopping
  • Google Voice App for Blackberry
  • Snapseed Desktop for Macintosh and Windows

Google Reader will keep the lights on until July 1st, and diehard users will be able to keep their data and subscriptions by using the outfit’s Takeout tool.  By the sounds of it, CEO Larry Page is still making good on his promise to keep Google focused on fewer things.