Fed up with your keyboard? Tired of controlling your computer with the help of different keys combinations and your tiny computer mouse? Then you’ll definitely like the gadget described here! Enter the information with the help of Leap Motion  – a new controller that will help you manage your PC with gestures only. You will not even need to touch it anymore!

Among many devices to enter the information, Leap Motion can be deservedly called the best and most unusual one. A good news is that this device is available for users already. If we consider that the development of such a device and its adaptation for Windows and Mac OS were held by a big group of programmers, and its release had been postponed several times, then users can get a quite good product today.

This controller is a small USB-device, which working part creates a 3D-region in the form of an imaginary cube above a user’s table. There is a “seizure” of gestures and tracking of objects’ movements in this space, that are converted into commands equal to those that can be created by using a mouse or touchpad. And if Leap Motion can not completely replace these controls yet, it can easily take a seat next to them at least.


The closest analogue of Leap Motion is Microsoft Kinect, that uses a similar technology, but it needs a space of a room to recognize all gestures. Moreover, it can easily miss all smaller gestures. Leap Motion has a totally different level of specification suitable for the work with texts, graphics software, and virtual keyboards. So, as you can see, you can easily control your PC with gestures now!

Did you find this gadget interesting enough to try? Leap Motion Controller is now available for just $80

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