Do you have a unique skill set, interest, hobby or talent, that when crafted into a podcast, would lure people of your like interests to download your programming?

Is your expertise something people would hire you for?

The Technology Geek can craft a regularly-occurring, archived platform, that allows you to monetize the things you love to talk about – so that you can finally reclaim some of the joy you have in your life – while making audiences and cash doing it via podcasting.

The Technology Geek can help you purchase the equipment need at a reasonable cost not much equipment is needed to podcast. We will help you setup your software and website to host the podcast and even be a guest on your first show.

Podcasting solutions from The Technology Geek will help get the word out about your products or services.

Podcasting has become a popular social networking tactic that businesses use to disseminate great audio content, improve relationships with their customers and stakeholders, and boost their search engine optimization efforts. Using a podcast to distribute news, information and updates about your company and its products or services will help you find new customers and increase traffic coming to your site.

What is Podcasting?

Podcasting is a process that syndicates digital media files for distribution online. Consumers can subscribe to download an audio file from the internet and listen to it whenever they want on their computer, smart phone, mobile device or mp3 player. By subscribing to a podcast that they are interested in, customers automatically receive downloads of new podcasts as soon as they’re available.

The great thing about podcasting is that it’s easy, free and can be about any topic you can think of. You can podcast about a new product, a how-to guide, news about upcoming services, or information about your company. With podcasting becoming more popular, sites like iTunes are now allowing marketers to list their podcasts in a directory, giving them the opportunity to reach more qualified listeners.

Podcasting helps businesses gain exposure by providing information about their products or services to consumers who are interested. The podcast feeds are always available and can be listened to at any time. A list of the feeds can be published on the website where users can link to and subscribe to the podcast. This viral marketing practice is a popular search engine optimization strategy that can boost a website’s popularity quickly.

How Can Podcasting Help my Business?

Using podcasting to communicate with your target market will bring more traffic and act as a link building agent to increase your website’s ranking. The Technology Geek can help you create, organize, transcribe, host, and syndicate podcasts that contain well-researched keywords, targeting your audience with interesting content in a format that is easy and convenient to use.

We give free estimates and have flat rate fees for most projects unless hour fees are necessary please contact us.