Brandon Lipani born May 17, 1985 is a technology blogger, podcaster, and entrepreneur. No one does a better job of explaining technology, computers, and the Internet than Brandon Lipani. As a teenager Brandon was involved in computer votech and pursue college in Information Technology. After graduating college summa cum laude he went on to start his first computer business which became a success then later reincorporated and branched out into advanced systems architecture including linux and windows server infrastructure, routing and security.

Now after the success of his business Brandon has decided to pursue a career in technology journalism. In college Brandon took many classes in technical writing which help encourage his pursuit of technology journalism and in 2011 The Technology Geek was founded.

The Technology Geek originally started as a technology blog but has now branched out into podcasting and video blogging to keep up with the changes time in journalism. Brandon is a model for people to create their own media encouraging viewers and listeners to make copies of his work to increase distribution and get the word out.

Brandon’s personal interests are a little scattered.   Brandon enjoys reading great educational books one his favorite authors is Kevin Mitnick his books are always eye openers.  He has read Warren Buffets and Donald Trumps books both men are very intelligent and have great wisdom and ideas.  Brandon enjoys a good novel when he can Sword of Shannara by Terry Brooks, any of Star Wars Books and good spy mysteries are always good way to spend some reading time.

Some other things he enjoy are music, yoga, hunting, fishing, hiking, camping and spending time with his girlfriend and my small but yet great group of friends.

Brandon is very involved in Ham Radio. Brandon enjoys attending HAMFESTS, chatting on repeaters with fellow hams and tapping Morse Code. He recently upgraded to general to open up a whole new world. Operations are still scheduled around a hectic work and family life. Brandon has progressed to a proper shack and learnt CW (Morse). Operations are on all bands but are now mainly on 2 meter voice and 10, 15, 40 & 80 m CW and voice. Brandon mentions ham radio on many posts and podcasts.