This is an 80-6 meter, 7-band (80/75, 40, 20, 17, 12, 10, 6 meters), Windom antenna.
An antenna tuner is not required. The antenna is very broad, providing <2:1 SWR across each band segment. I’m using the internal tuner in my radio to match the antenna.

The total length of the antenna is 132 ft. with one leg being 88 ft. in length and the other 44 ft. Power handling capacity is conservatively rated at 2kw PEP.
The wire used in this antenna is insulated 14 gauge stranded copper wire.
The impedance of the Windom antenna is approximately 50 ohms with the built-in 4:1 balun so it is compatible with standard coaxial feedline RG-58 is what I am using. The balun is built around a large type 43 ferrite core for coverage from 100 khz. to 60 mhz.