What is Reddit?

Reddit was founded in 2005 and its size and exposure have increased dramatically in the past few years and now has over 70 million monthly active users. The network is primarily known for topics relating to technology, video games, politics, movies, and music–but you can find a discussion group, or ‘subreddit,’ for virtually any topic.

One of the more promising opportunities to help build your online influence or learn from the crowd is known as AMA (ask me anything) on the subreddit IamA. This is an open forum where users can ask questions and the subject can respond. The main IamA subreddit is full of celebrities these days, but there’s plenty of room to hold AMAs on topic-specific subreddits.

Reddit can help your business in several diffident mostly because users come to the site looking for content and links and the environment is interactive and dynamic making it great place to drop blog posts and give advice on comment threads.