The Red Goodbye A Serena Triton Detective Novel (Book 2)

The Red Goodbye is the follow-up to my first novel The Pangram Killer which I published over a year ago. This book is the second novel set a year later where we get to see Serena Triton develop personally and professionally. We get to see her and her love interest relationship evolve to the next level and we get to see Serena working hard at her new position in open unsolved and continue to work with her old partner. We will get to see some other characters from the last book revisit and we will learn more about their pasts.

I am very proud to be publishing my second novel I feel this one is 100% better than the first one from the book cover to the editing and much more…

I feel I have grown and developed more as a writer and are more in touch with the whole process of writing, editing, character development and story telling. I feel this book is a big leap forward for me and the character.

Being a huge fan of the mystery, thriller, crime genre my entire life I really enjoy being able to add my book to that category. So many authors in this category I have looked up to in my writing career it’s great to have my own book published right along with them.

From The Back of The Book

“A year after Serena Triton a detective cracked the largest cases in her career she is rewarded with a move from active homicide to the open unsolved unit. Serena gets her first taste of the new unit working a case that is older than she and could possibly lead her to an unexpected killer and unexpected alibi in an old enemy.”

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