The Icom IC-706 is a great all-rounder as a compact mobile rig that serves me well, and in its compact design it has basically everything it takes to get the job done. All it takes is to visit the menu(s) (main or quickset) set it up for your own personal preferences and away you go. Those menus can be the bane or weakest part of the rig if you buy the 706 and don’t like the way modern compacts seem to run, having to visit them continually to change things but that’s how they make rigs like this affordable, as they are software/menu driven instead of having a button or knob for every aspect of operation and the changing or adjustment thereof. So rather than point out, like many have, the menus as a weak point, it’s better to remember just what the Icom IC-706 is designed to do – be a mobile rig in its own right. The Icom IC-706 has never looked like quitting or even giving the slightest hint of trouble in the time I have owned it. It’s reliable and gives a strong signal.